Saturday, March 30, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust: Vespa

Hello, all, how is your weekend treating you?  Sorry to be gone a few days, some stuff has been going on.  Not to mention I am now 36 weeks prego and completely exhausted!  Come on out, little boy!!!

Today I wanted to show you my pics of Vespa, the lovely mint green Pixie Dust from Zoya.  I purchased this polish at a local Ulta.  I am absolutely loving this polish!  I think I told you once before, I wore a borrowed OPI Liquid Sand shade once and it just looked like tar on my fingers - especially in the pics.  I liked it for about half a day, that stuff.

But here is something entirely different!  Vespa is such a fragile, springy shade with a subtle texture to the touch but obvious to the eye, and the sparkles add so much oomph to the polish.  I think the pics turned out just lovely and I cannot stop staring at Vespa, especially outside!!!  I think I picked the perfect shade for a simple Easter mani - I just don't feel very nail-arty the last few days.  (Though earlier this week I painted a sweet bunny on my bestie's nails!)

Anyway, here is Vespa!  Now I need to get my hands on Nyx and Godiva and all of the summer shades and I will be a happy textured polish owner! ;)

Check out that texture!!!!

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