Monday, March 25, 2013


Can you guess what my favorite type of nail polish is?  That's right: holographics.  I. Love. Them. Dearly.  So tonight's theme has to be hologram polish!

I promised an amazing photo of the Puzzled & Polished pendant out in the sun, so firstly let me share that!

Now if that doesn't get you excited about holographic polish let me show you another take on things!  I am dying to have Glitter Gal's Light as a Feather.  Just withering away every day that it is not in my hands!!!!  So I attempted to make a similar holo using a very awesome holo topcoat.  This is two coats of Mentality Polish's Holo, found HERE, over Sinful Colors Snow Me White (my go-to white base).

So, here are my thoughts on this mani.  Pros: It looks pretty dang awesome outside.  Not a flawless, pure white holographic polish, but very pretty and achieving the desired effect.  This topcoat also works really nicely over other shades, light and dark alike.  Very versatile & definitely worth it if you are on a tight budget, as some holos are pretty pricey.  Cons:  It was a little bit difficult to cover the nail completely and evenly on this light color.  The edges, as you may be able to see if you look closely, are still SC White even though I tried to dab a bit of the topcoat over the edges.  In the sun you can't tell that it looks a bit uneven, but indoors it's almost completely silver (and a bit patchy) with no holo properties it seems.  So, is it worth it to toss on over white?  It's super fun to stare at outside!  It's great to take pics of and enjoy it!  However, if you are in an office all day or possibly wearing it on a cloudy day it just won't POP and rainbow like you'd expect from a holographic polish.  Of course, maybe that's perfect for an office setting that requires a very tame mani? ;)

Sticking with my theme here:  Ladies and gents, I am in possession of LAYLA HOLOGRAM EFFECTS.  I cannot tell you how long I have drooled over this collection.  I wish I could claim to have them all, but unfortunately the Ulta I ventured into only had four remaining bottles for less than half-price on clearance.  Did I pick up all of them?  Um heck yes, I did.  Anytime you see a Layla holographic and it doesn't cost $15+ I demand that you purchase it.  Do it.  Especially since the nice lady at the counter replied when I asked for more: "We aren't carrying those anymore."  Welllll then I'm glad I picked them up!  YAY!

Anyway, so that's my --- WAIT, OH WAIT, WHAT IS THAT?  Did I pick up TWO of the same shade?  Well, of course I had to get it so it wouldn't be left all by its lonesome on the shelf!  But do I need two of them?  Hmmmmm MAYBE I am planning a giveaway in the near future......?  *hint hint!*

What do you all think about holographics!?  Do you own any Layla's yet?