Friday, March 22, 2013

Kinda Reminds Me of Cupcakes...

Hi, everyone!  So the other day I posted a super fun, messy pic on the APWP FB page of my gradient I was working on but I haven't had a chance to show you how it turned out!

For this mani I started with Sinful Colors Snow Me White, sponged on Sinful Colors Sugar and Spice, and then topped it off with a gorgeous, glittery helping of Too Cute-icle's Pretty, Pretty Princess!

What I was hoping to achieve here was for the pinks to compliment each other more than they did, but I think my pink I chose for the gradient was too dark for this.  However, it does sort of remind me of cupcakes... or ice cream... I'm not sure why! :D  (Forgive the mess, I saved the super clean up for after the glitter was applied.)

While the pinks didn't do what I wanted, the glitter is just beautiful in itself, isn't it?  I love Too Cute-icle's combo of pinks and blues with the tiny holographic pieces scattered in it.  It's pretty remarkable outside.
This is the mani I was wearing last night when a nice lady at Wal-Mart (who had her bare foot up on a shelf next to the Sinful Colors display comparing reds!) couldn't believe that my nails are my own and wanted to know EXACTLY how I achieved this look!  It really made me think that I should have some cards to pass out or something for my blog... what do you all think?  Do you promote your blog like that or in a similar way?  Anyway, so this lady was just a doll and she was looking at a red that would have NEVER matched what was on her toes in the way she wanted, so C and I helped her out.  She asked how I knew so much about the colors and I proudly told her, because I can now!, that I'm a blogger and I have almost 300 beautiful colors!  I can't help but wonder how things worked out for her and her red toenails.... ;)

Don't forget you can find Pretty, Pretty Princess at Jess's Etsy shop, Too Cute-icle! :)

Before I forget - I didn't get to post the mani yesterday because C has been soooo good in school for the whole month -- she has an excessive talking problem... I can't IMAGINE where she gets it!!! ;) -- and so R and I took her to the local PetsMart after school to pick out a new guinea pig!  Previously we had a wonderful piggy, MOMO, who lived a very long, happy life with us until she passed of old age.  This is our new little buddy, Clover, who C named after the rabbit friend on Princess Sophia. ;)  ISN'T HE JUST FLIPPIN' PRECIOUS!?  I love guinea pigs!!!!

Next time I'm on here I will have a stunning polish pendant to show you that was created by Puzzled and Polished!  I can't wait to tell you how this piece impressed myself, my daughter, and my husband; as well as how purchases in their shop benefit a very important Walk Now for Autism Speaks team!


  1. I love that mani! Gorgeousness :)

  2. Can I have twenty top five favorites? Love love love this mani! (And the post makes me proud!) ~~ Mim

  3. Can I have twenty top five favorites? Love love love this mani! (And the post makes me proud!) ~~ Mim