Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Polish Bar's Spring 2013 Collection

I absolutely must have all of The Polish Bar's Spring 2013 Collection!  They are just stunning colors.
When the collection launched I was trying really hard to be good, so I only purchased one color for now.  I chose Shiny Pebbles because the glitter combo is unlike anything else in my collection!

I think I applied the glitter a little bit heavy, but it somehow still does wonders for me.  It's probably the color combo that I am so enthralled with!  Here are two thin coats of Shiny Pebbles topped with a layer of Flakie Friend because some of the glitters were piling up and poking out a bit.  The formula is very easy to work with, it became opaque in these two coats and a lot of the glitter sits on top of the base all by itself so that it's nice and shiny without the base dulling it out.  I am in love!  I may use it as one coat over a white base next time to see how that works out.  (Please excuse my dry cuticles, I think the baby is sucking the life out of me LOL.)

The glitters in the white base of Shiny Pebbles include the obvious metallic orange hexes, the turquoise-aqua metallic squares, and a faint scattering of black hexes, as well as the less obvious peachy shade of hexes, all hanging out with micro-glitter to match!  I just can't get enough!  Weird how in some pics it kinda looks matte... I did not put any matte on it but now I think it might be an interesting change!
What do you think of this color?  Did you get any of the beautiful glitters from the new Spring Collection? Check out the Etsy Store!