Thursday, March 28, 2013

Have YOU checked out VINE?!?

Hey, everyone!!!

So a few days ago my hubby (the best PR Manager a gal could ask for) told me about a new Twitter based app called Vine, which is a really awesome little app I can use on my iPhone to post short clip videos.  I asked him what on earth I would do with something like that and he told me that DUH I should show off my nails, i.e. holographics.  That man is brilliant. <3

So of course I downloaded the app (and watched a couple of HILARIOUS videos on the Editor Picks page) and then I signed up to link a Vine account to my Twitter and Facebook.  Hopefully someone (or I) can find a shortcut way to make a Widget for this awesome new app. so I can link it straight onto my blog!  How cool would that be??

So since I wanted to try it out I put on Layla Hologram Effect Flash Black, but as usual, the sun just isn't out for my holo mani.  Just as well, this polish is so stunning that it has a beautiful linear rainbow effect indoors.

So, check this out:
Flash Back video on Vine

What do you think!?  I'm going to start trying out a few things with it, like a way to show my blog name or a watermark of some sort, etc. and I will also try making some clips with nail art.

This may be a really cool way to show off your manis, ladies!!!  Maybe even tutorials, cut down to a quick science, for the people whose data plans just won't allow for 10 minutes on

Tell me what you think!  Did my husband find something awesome or what?!  Will you be using Vine?  What for? ;)  Send me your links!!!

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