Saturday, March 2, 2013

"It's good to see me, isn't it?" -Galinda

I have such a fun color to show off today!  I made my first purchase from Smitten Polish recently and one of my picks was part of her new Wicked Collection!  I was really excited about “Traveling By Bubble” for a couple of reasons: firstly I am a big fan of Wicked, secondly it is just beautiful, and third I thought it would make a really cute big sister gift for my daughter C because of all the lovely pink and blue.  And yes, once I had this baby in my hands I did ask her to share it with me!
Before I get started there is something else you will notice about me and my swatches/art.  I do not like having VNL.  I just don’t like it.  I don’t necessarily steer clear from sheer colors, but I do layer them on or use another color for undies.  I will be sure to tell you all exactly what I do with the colors I use and why I did it – I just feel meticulous like that!  ;)  When taking the pics for this post I went outside (OMG, burrrr) and used natural lighting.  I don’t own a light box, but maybe someday I will get one.  I actually really prefer to use natural lighting for these shots though so that I can show you exactly what your purchasing – I feel that is a very important task to accomplish when you write a review about polish.
So without further delay, here is my first blog review photo!  Watermark included!  Woo hoo!

When I started to put on “Traveling by Bubble” the first thing I noticed is that I did not have any trouble with the formula or glitter.   It was just a dream to use!  I am a bit particular about my glitter polish.  I am constantly grabbing up things similar to this color because I adore a base color with complimentary glitters.  The formula for “Traveling by Bubble” truly impressed me because it did not overwhelm my nails (which you can see are tiny!) but I also didn’t have to dig out ANY pieces to strategically place them as with some polishes.

“Traveling by Bubble” sparkles and sparkles!  It’s got beautiful baby blue and pink round glitters floating around (I have not seen the glitter settle to the bottom of the bottle in any colors I have purchased from Smitten Polish, by the way!) in a sea of tiny blue in pink glitters.  These gleaming pieces are suspended in a baby blue base!  Here is the description by Noelie, the maker of this beauty, straight from her Etsy listing:  This polish is inspired by Glinda's preferred mode of travel, the bubble.  In the musical Wicked, Glinda's dress is blue rather than pink, but I wanted to have some pink in there as a nod to the movie version of Glinda as well.  Pink and blue circle glitter, along with a bit of small pink and blue hex glitter, in a milky blue base with a touch of blue shimmer.”
Now, here is the part where I fret a little bit.  This color is a bit sheer going on.  If you are the kind of polisher who is ok with layering your color on (which of course adds more and more glitter) then it is absolutely ok to do this and will be opaque in 3 coats.  If you’re like me, however, and you want to be picky picky about the look as well as how much glitter you disperse onto your nail, layer it over a similar base color.  I put down one thin coat of Sinful Color’s “Cinderella” and topped it off with two gorgeous layers of “Traveling by Bubble” to achieve this look.
To add this polish or any other unique color to your collection go visit Smitten Polish on today!

I hope that you enjoyed checking out my pics and review for “Traveling By Bubble” and that you will be back to see more!  Until next time!


  1. Amazing post and I absolutely now have this on my Wish list. Such a beautiful Polish.

    Well done with the watermark and everything dear. Amazing!! And Welcome to the Nail Blogging world. :-)

    1. Thank you so much for all your kind words! :D
      I am so pleased to put something on someone else's wish list for a change! LOL I am usually making my list from everyone's swatches! Thanks for stopping by & reading!