Tuesday, March 12, 2013

OPI Stranger Tides & a Spun Sugar Mani

Hi, everyone!  My approximate wait time right now on this phone call is 9 minutes so I thought I would show off a quick swatch I did a week or so ago of OPI Stranger Tides!  My hubby found this color for me with Skull & Glossbones and La-Pazitively Hot at our local HEB.  That place is a gold mine for old OPIs!
I wanted this color because I was really wanting pastels - I need some Lime Crime in my life!!! - and when we found the Sinful Colors Sugar Rush Collection (hubby & I searched 6 Walgreen's to find these babies!)  while the $1 sale was going on I was disappointed that they didn't have a minty green in there.  So I was thinking that the OPI On Stranger Tides Collection seemed to be sort of pastel-y with a dusty grey hint to each one.
This shade is just beautiful & it's exactly what I wanted it to be.  My right hand is three thin coats because it was a bit sheer and I got a wonky brush (boooo, wonky brush!).  I put this color on to enjoy but also to use as a base for some striping tape art, but then I got distracted by the allure that is Nails, Inc.'s Leather Effect and I put that on instead!  Since I'm still rockin' it with very minor tip wear I thought I'd show off Stranger Tides and maybe a little old nail art from my vault!  Enjoy!

Oh, and since we are on a green kick here is a good old nail art to show you:  my first spun sugar mani! :D  Not bad, right?

Have you ever done a spun sugar mani before?  What did you use for it?  I want to see! :D

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  1. Spun sugar mani, how fun! Steph, will you please show me how it's done?