Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cult Nails Untamed & Vicious

Good afternoon, everyone!
I have two lovely colors to show you today that were sent to me courtesy of Cult Nails!

For both manis I used Get It On (Cult Nails' base coat) and Wicked Fast (Cult Nails topcoat) which were also provided to me for review.  I am absolutely addicted to this base coat, you guys!  It is super clear, dries super fast, and it is a great formula.  I was also surprised to find that it doesn't have a thick, strong chemical smell like most base coats - it's much more tolerable, and even enjoyable!  The light, airy scent could be almost perfumed polish so that was a very nice touch.  The topcoat is indeed wicked fast!  It's a little thick, but not to the point that it's hard to use.  It spreads around very nicely without drying so fast that you have layers of topcoat.  I loved it!
Cult Nails Wicked Fast top coat & Get It On base coat

First up is Untamed, an eye-popping pink jelly polish with a scattered sparkle that makes it very unique.  This formula is very, very nice to work with but it is a bit on the sheer side.  Here I have it in three coats to cover up my nail line.
Cult Nails Untamed
I don't think that this color is incredibly flattering on my skin tone like I hoped it would be, but it sure is gorgeous.  I think if I use it with another Cult Nails shade for some nail art it might really impress!

Next up is Vicious, which is a super bright, dark purple!  In case you haven't noticed, I LOVE purple soooo much!  There are so many beautiful shades of it out there and this is a shade I did not have in my collection until now.  I have plans for this mani, also, so check back later!  I'm finally going to dig into the striping tape!!!  For Vicious I only needed two coats to make this creme formula glide into glossy perfection.  I love it so much that you will just have to wait to see the other two beauties that were sent to me! :D
Cult Nails Vicious
What do you think of these two shades?  Gorgeous, right?  You know where to find them: Cult Nails!!!  Don't forget to check back later to see how my first adventure with striping tape turns out! :D


  1. Pretty! I especially like the pink! I'm a new follower, would love if you would please follow me back on my blog aswell:

    1. Thanks for stopping by & reading! I went and followed your blog as well! Your manis are just lovely!!!

  2. Untamed will look awesome on the toes!