Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm Kind of Obsessed...

I'm kind of obsessed with textured polish! I can't help myself - I love it. I have some Zoya Pixie Dust, Nails Inc. Leather Effect, Miliani Textures, Julie G Gumdrops, and finally I got my hands on some OPI Liquid Sand!

I had a hard time finding Solitaire from the Bond Girls Collection, but find her I did!!!!

This is two medium coats of OPI Solitaire with no top coat, of course. The formula was super easy to work with going on with a fairly quick dry time and the foil method took it off like magic in one swipe. I love love love this one so much!!!!

When my nails finally did start chipping I used Zoya Stevie to make a gradient but then I had a little accident before I could take pics!
Ugh! There is no fixing that break. Filed it down to wait. Oh well!

Have you tried any of the textured polishes? Which is your favorite? And do you have any of the China Glaze brand to swap? ;)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Girls Love to Blow... Bubbles!

Have you seen this amazing new collection by the new Indie brand The Devil Wears Polish?!  They're wonderful and I am excited to say that I have one to show you today and two more coming up!  Tami Willis, the brilliant mind from The Devil Wears Polish, formerly known as Polished Dreams and Life Things, has started cranking out fantastically formulated lacquer with really fun names that you absolutely must have!

This polish called Girls Love to Blow... Bubbles was purchased by me.  It's a semi-sheer, baby pink creme base with hot neon pink micro glitter, small blue circles and squares, small and medium violet holo circles, and large turquoise holo circles... Then when I went outside I saw the bottle also contains very light pink matte hex glitter too!  Feelin' a little blue that I didn't get any of those in my mani, but hopefully next time. 

My only other complaint is that my bottle of amazingness didn't come with a name label! Whoops!

Here are two thin coats of Girls Love to Blow... Bubbles with G&G HK Girl too coat.  The creme base is just what I wanted it to be!  I didn't want to keep layering because I love how delicate this polish looks.  Pretty soft pink!!!  The glitter was easy peasy to get out (except for those elusive hexies) once I shook up the bottle. 

It's soooo pretty!!!! I just adore this one. I'm so glad I bought a full size!  Stay tuned for two more lovelies from Tami later this week!  She has a very cool new look.  Love the name, love the logo, and love the new collection! ;)

By the way: if you head on over to Tami's blog she is having a Multi-blogger Giveaway!  Only two days left to enter.  Tell her hi from me!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jamberry Nail Shields

Good morning! So, as you may know, I started a new job and this is my third week there. It's slow going getting adjusted into a routine for work and taking care of the kids (especially nighttime feelings for E) but it's gotta be done!

A week ago OMG, Wait What Polish Is That posted a FB Challenge to try out Jamberry Nail Shields for a week and I thought it would be the perfect thing to try since I have been so short on time lately! Shea sent me a couple of options to try out and I selected a cute, simple black and white floral design.

For those of you not familiar with Jamberry shields they are adhesive nail strips that you apply with heat and remove with heat or polish remover. There are soooo many different designs and something for everyone. My biggest concern with trying these was that they are a bit pricey to me for what they are so I was very excited to be able to test them out! By the way, I live in Texas and it's dang hot here and I was very worried I would get my mail and the appliqués would be applied to the sticker sheet but nope! They were just fine! :)

Here is my mani on Day One:

The instructions were to cut a strip in half and use each half on one nail on each hand. The strips were more than long enough and there were multiple sizes to choose from. Applying them with my blow dryer was pretty simple, although I have slightly rounded nails and on each hand I ended up with a little (not so little on my right hand) crease in my appliqué. The ladies in a FB Group I'm in suggested "more heat and more pressure" to smooth out these rough areas but I just couldn't fix my right hand. In fact, I think that my attempts to unstick and smooth were the undoing of my right hand's strip because it came off that very same night. Disappointing!!! Also, I am still slightly annoyed with the results of my attempt to file the edge of the strip "in a downward motion" as instructed. Nonetheless I said I would do the challenge which was to post a pic on Day One and Day Seven so I hung in there with my other nail strip in tact. 

Skip ahead about four days. I was losing some of my nail polish, Whimsical Ideas by Pam's Persian Violets over Essie Play Date, but I was also experiencing peeling on the remaining nail strip. The edge was just coming right off! Of course, I can't handle that so I went ahead and cut the loose corners off.

Here is Day Seven:

All in all I'm not super duper impressed with this first experience but I have seen some amazing manis sporting Jamberry nail shields and I am definitely going to use my other samples to practice application. I would purchase if I could figure out how to use them properly! ;)

Until next time, I leave you with a link to Shea in case you are interested and want to purchase from a Jamberry Nail Shield consultant.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


I am finally the proud owner of NerdLacquer, you guys!!!!!  AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! I'm so excited about this! I have coveted everyone else's for almost two years and I finally managed to snag THREE during the last restock! <3 I grabbed All of Time and Space, Don't Blink, and Cyance Friction!

This is All of Time and Space, and it is just as beautiful in person as I dreamed it would be! I just adore the color combo of the minty green base with fuchsia and silver glitters. This thing is super packed with glitter. Every brush stroke provided more sparkles and none of the glitter drug around on itself. The application was, to me, super impressive for a polish so jam-packed with glitter!

I am wearing All of Time and Space in three thin coats with my usual base and top coat. Unfortunately it started to rain so these shots are indoors, but I plan to wear this baby to my first day of work tomorrow so I will take some outdoor pics. Did you snag any gorgeousness during the last restock?

Uh, yeah! You heard right! As of tomorrow I am a working woman again. I not sure if I'm ready, really. I want to stay home and snuggle E because he is so much fun! This kid is all smiles and coos for his mommy! <3 But, back to the real world. I found a good job doing what I like: medical billing & collections. Wish me luck!!!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Messy Jessi Quail

My intention was to have an awesome variety of Speckleds for ya today but I had a catastrophe (which included fire ants...) and one of my manis was ruined. Booooo!

While I get myself together over here, please enjoy this swatch of Messy Jessi's Quail: a gorgeous nude with black speckle glitter.  I fell head over heels for this one when I saw it on a swap board!  I had actually never heard of Messy Jessi and now I have a goal to own all of her speckled colors!!!  The application for this one was super perfect, three coats made me very happy.  The glitter dispersed so easily and the result is so smooth and lovely with a thin top coat!

Guest Post at Lustrous Lacquer!

Good morning, dolls!  Today I am featured as a guest blogger on the blog of the lovely Katie from Lustrous Lacquer!  She was so sweet to allow me a little spot in her world; thank you Katie! :)

Please go check it out and see how I fell in love with polish!  Also, please browse Katie's blog Lustrous Lacquer and like her FB Page because her stuff is such a pleasure to read! :D

Here is the link to my Guest Post!

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Until later, loves!!