Friday, March 1, 2013

A New Chapter

Hello and thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog, everyone!

I am sooooo excited to get this thing going!  It’s been on my mind for a really long time now but I never felt like I would be able to devote the time (that I feel like this hobby deserves!) until now!

I think I should start with the obligatory introduction of myself!  My name is Stephanie and I have always loved nail polish but it was only about a year and a half ago that I was bit by the nail polish bug and became just… obsessed!  Nail art was a really big help for me when I started planning my wedding.  I am a little bit of a control freak and the stress of planning a wedding can really get to you!  When I realized how much I love to do my nails I sort of immersed myself in it to relax.  Pretty much every other day or so for the last year and a half has found at least some time devoted to my nails.  Every day I spend time browsing Facebook and Blog posts from other people who love lacquer, too!  It has really become my meditation, my relaxation, and a true love.  That is why I decided to call my blog "At Peace with Polish," because it really has had such an effect on me.  My subtitle, "Your mother may have said it was rude... but GO AHEAD AND POINT!" was inspired by my mommy who is a big fan of mine (as I am a big fan of her's!) and she is so proud of my swatches and art.  My mom has given me permission to POINT and show off my pointers! ;)

I am a mommy, a stay-at-home mom as of today, in fact.  I have a beautiful daughter who I will refer to as C, and I am due in April to have a son that I cannot wait to meet who I will refer to as E.  Let me just take a moment to mention my biggest supporter – my other-half, best friend, and father of my children:  my husband who I will refer to as R.  I cannot help but be head over heels for this man and mention him in my nail blog for so many reasons including the fact that he is such a big supporter of me!  We all know that even sales and giveaways do not make nail lacquer an expensive obsession, and my husband is not just familiar with brands and knows my style, but he also knows which hard to find colors are on my infinite Wish List and built me my first display rack.  Have I mentioned how much I love this man?  ;)  Back to my daughter real quick – this girl will not stop biting her nails but I look forward to the day that she too will have some super amazing manis to show off!  She is always giving me ideas and asking to see what I have put on my nails next!
Ok, ok, I know, get back to polish!!!!  I regularly follow and read a huge list of bloggers, seasoned and new, and I hope to connect with them now in the blogging world and keep growing that list.  I have a collection that currently contains over 240 various colors and brands and it is still growing.  I LOVE nail mail!  Well, who doesn’t!?
I love indie polish and I am a huge supporter.  I push indie brands on my friends and family and show off my colors constantly!  I believe in you guys and I am always looking for the next unique polish!  My goal, with this blog, is to shine a light on these gorgeous creations and hopefully be chosen to review new colors in the future.
I also want to assure you all that while I am very familiar with the closeness and support within the community of lovely people who have also caught the nail polish bug, I am also aware that there are a lot of giveaways and other promotional attractions out there.  I definitely plan on getting myself into this aspect as well, but I must remind you that this is new to me and also that I did just get situated into a stay-at-home mom role – and that only pays with love, love, and more love!  ;)
I take pride in this blog already and I hope to hear positive comments from you all!  Please feel free to offer compliments and critiques alike, as I only want to grow and improve!   Thank you for reading, darlings, and I look forward to this journey with you all!


  1. So Exciting! I look forward to watching and learning as you share your love of polish and (pretty) nails with us. ~~Love you much, Mim