Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wonder Woman!

Hi, all!  First I want to make a quick correction: in my last post I wrote that I was wearing Layla Hologram Mermaid TALE, when in fact the color is called Mermaid SPELL.  Whoops.  I seriously need more sleep.  And none of you called me out on it!  LOL  What's up with that? ;p

Today I have a gorgeous red mani to show you.  This beauty was created by Jess, the magnificent mind behind Glitter Guilty.  She created this polish and gave it to her Wonder Woman, her mommy, for Mother's Day!  I love this idea!  I want to make custom polish for my mommy!  Anyway, back on track: I am planning a Superhero birthday party for C and per her request everyone is invited to come dressed as a Superhero!  Naturally when I saw Jess's polish Wonder Woman I just had to have it!  I asked if it was available for purchase and the rest is history!

I followed Jess's suggestion and layered this sheer, sparkly polish over a red undie base.  I used Spoiled's Breakfast in Red (one coat).  The formula for Wonder Woman was pretty easy to work with.  The stars were a little heavy & sunk but they were super easy to get floating again; I just flipped my bottle for a few minutes, which is my usual routine for preparing to apply glitter polish.  The base formula has a shimmer to it that is very delicate and feminine!  I love that she threw that little extra in there.  It's not easy to see in the pic, but in person WOW!  The glitters consist of red and blue squares, and obviously the gorgeous little gold stars!  I don't usually love shapes in polish but this one would not have been the same without it.  Everyone should have this super polish on their shelf.
What do you think of this one?  Sorry for the short post today, but E and I have a lunch date with some of the ladies I used to work with!  Gotta get him fed & get out the door.  Talk to you all soon! :)

You can find Glitter Guilty available for purchase HERE!

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  1. That is super cute!! It will be perfect for the Super Heros party!