Friday, May 24, 2013

Elixir Lacquer's With a K

Hi everyone!  Here is a swatch from The Vault for you.  The very first giveaway prize I ever won (before I had a blog) was Elixir Lacquers's With a K. This super sparkly hot pink had been on my wish list for a long time because I once saw it in a tape mani with black and the depth was amazing. I have yet to duplicate that mani but here is a swatch of With a K.

This is actually about 4 coats on each nail. It's a beautiful color but I wasn't happy with how sheer it was so I had to pile it on.  When I looked at my nails it was completely worth the trouble, but when I looked at the bottle I couldn't believe how much of the polish I had actually used to do one mani!  Somehow the formula is thick but sheer. Weird!  Anyway, the multiple layers and shredded glitters mixed with sparkles are perfect to create depth!  Now I want to make a new mani and try out the taped off black....  Hmmmm...

You can get Elixir Lacquers at and their Facebook page

"What's your poison?"  Do you have any colors from Elixir Lacquers?  What was the formula like for you?

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