Friday, April 12, 2013

Sonnetarium's Never Glow Up

Hi, all! I thought I would have this post up for you yesterday but I ended up having quite an adventure last night and got home pretty late.

I have been wearing Sonnetarium's Never Glow Up! I wanted this color for about a year and then a few weeks ago I found out it was discontinued so I had been keeping an eye out for it! I found this baby on a blog sale and snatched it right up!! I know it's an oldie, but it's so much fun.

I didn't realize it was sheer, so this is two coats alone. The formula was a little bit tricky: it was goopy and gritty. I'm wondering if adding a little thinner to a glow in the dark polish is ok but I just dabbed it even and put a coat of SV on top for now. The best part about Never Glow Up is that it glows in the dark soooo well!!! It doesn't take much to charge it up for an all night glow - and trust me, this prego lady with late night jaunts to go pee over and over saw this polish glow all night in the bottle and gleaming blinding next to my face!

Check it out!!!

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  1. I just laughed and laughed! What a fun polish!