Monday, April 15, 2013

Milani Texture: Yellow Mark

Good morning! Bright and sunny polish to start your day!

Seriously, you guys, every time I look at my nails I am entranced by this shade.  I'm wearing Yellow Mark, the yellow Milani Texture polish, and I am absolutely adoring it.  It's warm and sunny, interesting, and just delicious!!!

This polish impresses me big time.  I only own three shades of Milani polish (including this one) but I am still looking for two of the other Textures; the teal & the fuchsia (P.S. I love swapping if you have them & they just aren't for you! I also want 2 of the China Glaze textures too; the blue & the orange!).

Yellow Mark was a very strange formula for me.  I have tried the OPI Liquid Sands and the Zoya Pixie Dusts (still my faves), and Milani's formula is very different from these other brands.  It's a very wet, gritty texture that dries nearly immediately.  First coat is far too thin for anyone and it doesn't really get the texture point across.  When you start applying the second coat you wonder if you have too little on the brush - oh wait, now it's too much, oh wait, now it's not enough.  HOWEVER, it's very forgiving of an uneven application.  The second coat made it completely opaque, it evens itself out, and it does not have any patches, streaks, or VNL.  I.  LOVE.  IT.  And I will definitely grab more of these in the future IF I can find them!  I found mine at a Walgreen's for about $4 and I am totally ok with the amount spent for the quality it turned out to be.  I hope it lasts for a couple days!  So cheerful and fun!  What do you think?


  1. Its looks great! And so helpful! Will definitely keep my eye open for one!
    It looks like a wheels on the bus color! Love it!

  2. Great looking color, I love the yellow :)

    1. Me too! I can't wait to try the others - I found the fuchsia & teal!