Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pretty & Polished: Martian Salad

Hi, everyone!  So yesterday as I moped about my empty mailbox (WHERE ARE YOU, NAIL MAIL!?) I wondered what color I should sport next from my already huge collection.  I was staring out the front door at the yard and all the wind and fluctuating sunlight and realized *gasp!* SUNLIGHT!!!  So, duh, I went for a holo!  Of flippin' course when I went outside the wind and the clouds put up a 10 minute battle against my photo session, but I did get some good ones!  I also tried to do a Vine post of this beauty and it didn't load or save! :(  Poo on you, technology.  So I told myself I will just do that part today, and wouldn't ya know it, it's raining.  W. T. F.

Chelsea from Pretty & Polished posted this today on FB & I copy pasted for your information! :)  How generous of her! :D
"Hey everyone. We will be having a flash sale starting at 12:00 PM EST.
"We will be giving 10% of all orders on both the website and Etsy.
"Use the code April10 when checking out."

Anyway, a long time ago, a little over a year ago I discovered Indie Nail Polish by Chelsea, the creator of Pretty & Polished.  I knew I had to have Jawbreaker the moment I saw it and so I made myself an Etsy account and checked out her shop!  My very first Indie Polish purchase consisted of Jawbreaker, Galax-E, and this gorgeous green holographic shade she titled Martian Salad.  What a fun name!!!!!  And what a fun color.  I have worn this beauty so many times and I never get tired of it's uniqueness.  It doesn't have the fine-tuned holo that the brand new shades have, but it has a lovely shimmer and when you are in the sun you either get a sparkly kelly green or a stunning linear rainbow of spectraflair.  I love Martian Salad, and my other 7 beautiful colors by Pretty & Polished!  Now I need to get my hands on some of the Mathematical Collection as well as her Virgo polish!

What do you think of Martian Salad?  Did you get this beauty back in the day?
You can shop for Chelsea's creations here and on her Etsy.

Just a quick reminder about the CONTEST I'm having. You can find a quick link on the sidebar & I suggest you add your guess soon *wink wink* as we are approaching the middle of the month!  Also, I have so much fun stuff to show you in the near future: winnings from a giveaway, winnings from the Glisten & Glow 3rd Anniversary Contest, 2 blog sale finds, and a review for ellagee's new NEON shades!  Also I might sneak a glimpse of my own giveaway prizes in there for you lovelies! :)  Talk to you soon!!!


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    1. Thanks, Roxana! :D
      I'll definitely go check it out right now!