Saturday, April 13, 2013

Giveaway Prizes I Won!

I just had to show you guys some of the prizes I won from Hooked On Varnish's One Year Blogiversary!  Jen and some really awesome Indie makers put together such an amazing Giveaway Prize and I could not believe it when she messaged me to tell me that I had won EIGHT bottles of gorgeous polishes from 6 different Indie Brands!  EEEEP!

Jen's giveaway included some beautiful prizes from the following makers:
Pirate Polish (Cruciatus)
Rainbow Polish (Hooked!)
Different Dimension (Fuchsia Hybrida)
Dollish Polish (Pixie Dust)
Model City Polish (Seize the Rainbow)
Daring Digits (3 of my choosing. I chose "Like a Virgin," "Physical," and "Popped!" and they are being sent separately.)

So check it out!  Jen even included the sweetest card with her polish - that is such a nice, personal touch & I hope she doesn't mind if I copy her and do this myself when I pick the winner of my Giveaway later this month!  I also loved that the card of each individual business is included so I will know where to find more of these awesome polishes.

L-R: Dollish Polish, Different Dimension, Rainbow Polish, Pirate Polish, Model City Polish

Please go check out Jen's blog as well as these amazing Indie businesses!  I love them all so much & highly recommend them!


  1. So glad they got there safely! Enjoy them :)

  2. Jen did go all out! Her gift parcel, colors included, is friendly and fresh!
    Way to go, Ms. Jen!

    And congratulations on winning big, daughter!!