Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Light It Up Blue for Autism!

Hi, all! I'm writing from my phone today - computer isn't an option. I have a Light It Up Blue for Autism Speaks mani to show you! This is Sinful Colors Sweet Nothing, SC Sugar Rush, and Orly Shockwave. What do you think?

Hope you remembered to check out my Baby Hunch Contest for a nail polish prize!!! If not go see my post here:

Talk to you all soon! :)


  1. Love this mani and that it is for Autism month!!
    ps-I love your nails!! Do you have a nail care post??

  2. Thanks so much! :)
    No, I'm pretty new at blogging so I haven't made a nail care post yet. Maybe I'll work on that soon! :) I guess my biggest thing is that there is pretty much always something on my nails so they are thicker and harder to break! And that I have been trying extra hard lately to be conscious about not using them as tools so they don't split. Did you get to check out my giveaway contest? ;)