Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Devil Does Holo!

This polish was generously provided to me for review by Tami Willis, owner and creator of The Devil Wears Polish. The provided polish is graciously accepted and kept, and does not affect my opinions regarding the product.  This blog review post is my honest opinion for the owner's and any consumers' benefit.  Thank you, Tami, for the opportunity to review these awesome polishes!

Hi everyone!  I have a very pretty holo from The Devil Wears Polish's new collection The Lust-Rous Linears to show you!

Suck My Peach is a pastel peach linear holo that I think is a perfect demure shade that you can wear to work all day but has a lovely, light holo effect that takes you from work to the evening out!  This color was very easy to apply and was opaque in two coats.

Suck My Peach shown outdoors

I kinda wish the holo had been as pronounced on my nail as it was in the bottle, but I wasn't disappointed with the polish because it really is a beautiful color! The light sparkle in it made me feel girly and fun and I think the nearly nude shade of peach worked well for my skin tone. Suck My Peach was a big hit when I wore it around!

Suck My Peach, indoors with flash

Look at the sparkle!!!

I truly cannot wait to own more lovely colors from The Devil Wears Polish because Tami really has an eye for unique color combinations and has done a spectacular job with the formula of her polishes!

To find this and other beautiful colors from Tami, go check out The Devil Wears Polish HERE.


  1. It looks amazing on you! I know what you mean, the holo doesn't seem as prominent on the nail. I figured out why too, I added too much pigment! Unfortunately I didn't figure that out until after I mailed yours. The reformulated version isn't as opaque obviously, it takes a good 3 coats but the holo is more prominent. When I get more mini bottles in a couple weeks I'd love to send you the reformulated version! Your holo photos turn out so much better than mine, and you totally rock that color! ;)

    1. Tami, that would be so sweet of you! I would love to do some more swatches for you anytime! Xo