Thursday, August 15, 2013

KBShimmer Fall 2013 Colors Part One

Oh boy do I have some amazing colors to show you today!  Earlier this month I Christy Rose, the genius mind behind KBShimmer contacted me regarding the fifth birthday of KBShimmer! YAAAAY, KBShimmer, Happy Birthday!!!!! In celebration I am going to show you several colors from new and old collections by KBShimmer throughout August!

This polish was generously provided to me for review by Christy Rose, owner and creator of KBShimmer Bath and Body. The provided polish is graciously accepted and kept, and does not affect my opinions regarding the product.  This blog review post is my honest opinion for the owner's and any consumers' benefit.  Thank you, Christy, for the opportunity to review these awesome polishes!

I must warn you - this post is gonna be nice and picture heavy! Therefore, I am going to split it into two posts so I don't overwhelm you! Ack! I can't even decide which color to show first because they are all so amazing.....

This is Teal Another Tail! This soft duochrome color is sure to impress. Christy created this color based off what she believes a mermaid tail would look like, and for me I think she was spot on! My favorite thing about this teal-to-purple sparkling beauty is that it looks to me like the texture of a mermaid tail. This is two coats and it was perfect coverage. I didn't have any trouble whatsoever with the application. It dries to an almost smooth finish and a topcoat does not diminish the scaly texture look! Isn't it AMAZING?! I don't usually buy duochromes but this color had me in awe - I even put it on my toes!

Next up is Vicious Circles! This lovely red jelly is packed full of silver holographic round, hex, and micro slice glitter! There are so many sizes and so much that it is guaranteed you will have a brush full every time. For so much glitter the application was surprising easy and smooth. This is two coats. I don't think I did this one justice in layering it, but I really want to try it out over red undies and see if I like it more. 

I am so impressed with this collection because it has such a variety of colors and finishes while still managing to be unique and fall themed all at once! Autumn is for sure my favorite season and I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to be one of the first to show you a new collection from my favorite Indie brand! Now go look at Part Two and see more amazingness! ;)

I hear that this collection will be released on September 1 on
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  1. Love love the blue one it's just so pretty!

  2. I love the teal that is such a pretty color