Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Visit to the KBShimmer Circus!

Continuing with my Feature KBShimmer Month today!  I have an hour for lunch at my new job and of course, once again, I am sitting alllll alone!!!  I am not letting it get me down though because it's the ONLY time I am ever alone!  And it gives me time to blog!  ;)

This polish was generously provided to me for review by Christy Rose, owner and creator of KBShimmer Bath and Body. The provided polish is graciously accepted and kept, and does not affect my opinions regarding the product.  This blog review post is my honest opinion for the owner's and any consumers' benefit.  Thank you, Christy, for the opportunity to review these awesome polishes!

Today I have two lovely older colors from a collection by Christy that was inspired by the circus. These two colors are currently still available at www.kbshimmer.com but are going fast!

First up is a color that was on my good ol' wish list for a long time!  Elle is a sheer, pale grey crelly packed with glitter!  I was a little sad about how sheer it was, but when I put one coat over Revlon Stormy Night it turned out to be a perfect amount of glitter!  You could make this one fairly opaque with 2-3 coats alone, however, it gets a little clumpy that way due to the fantastic plethora of glitters.  There are several pink, white, and grey sparklies in here of different shapes and it's a crowd pleaser for sure!  Check out one medium coat of Elle below.  The application was as impressive as all KBShimmer colors and with one or two coats it is a pretty smooth finish. 

Speaking of fantastic glitter, the next color I want to show you is a glitter topper.  It's a clear base with about 100 different types of glitter in each varied batch!  Does that sound like the type of polish everyone should have in their collection or what?!  Funny thing: I never really wanted this one before because the name honestly just bugged me a little.  Now that I have it I am beyond glad! I wore it until it was growing out, then I matte top coated it for fun and wore that until it started to peel!  So. Gorgeous.  This phenomenal glitter topper is called Clown Puke, and it is loads more fun than the name implies!  Perfect application, obviously, this is one medium coat and a few extra dabs because I couldn't help myself over Sally Hansen Black Out. 

Look!  A big, teal holo round glitter!  Look!  A white, matte square!  Look!  A black, matte square!  LOL

Fun stuff!  I even got a star on this hand!  My husband also spotted a red heart in the bottle and I myself saw several sizes of black round glitters, fuchsia round holos, and a purple flower!  How exciting is that?!

I am sure just Clown Puke alone has overwhelmed you, so I am gonna put the store link here for you once more and leave you to your shopping!!! ;)

Go to www.kbshimmer.com right now!!!!  See ya next time!

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