Sunday, July 7, 2013


I am finally the proud owner of NerdLacquer, you guys!!!!!  AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! I'm so excited about this! I have coveted everyone else's for almost two years and I finally managed to snag THREE during the last restock! <3 I grabbed All of Time and Space, Don't Blink, and Cyance Friction!

This is All of Time and Space, and it is just as beautiful in person as I dreamed it would be! I just adore the color combo of the minty green base with fuchsia and silver glitters. This thing is super packed with glitter. Every brush stroke provided more sparkles and none of the glitter drug around on itself. The application was, to me, super impressive for a polish so jam-packed with glitter!

I am wearing All of Time and Space in three thin coats with my usual base and top coat. Unfortunately it started to rain so these shots are indoors, but I plan to wear this baby to my first day of work tomorrow so I will take some outdoor pics. Did you snag any gorgeousness during the last restock?

Uh, yeah! You heard right! As of tomorrow I am a working woman again. I not sure if I'm ready, really. I want to stay home and snuggle E because he is so much fun! This kid is all smiles and coos for his mommy! <3 But, back to the real world. I found a good job doing what I like: medical billing & collections. Wish me luck!!!!!


  1. Ohhh pretty. I love Nerds and have wanted them forever but haven't even tried to snag any. Good luck on starting work tomorrow!!!! I hope it goes well :-)

  2. Love the color! I'm happy you found a job! You will be teriffic there!

  3. Love the color! I'm happy you found a job! You will be teriffic there!