Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Messy Jessi Quail

My intention was to have an awesome variety of Speckleds for ya today but I had a catastrophe (which included fire ants...) and one of my manis was ruined. Booooo!

While I get myself together over here, please enjoy this swatch of Messy Jessi's Quail: a gorgeous nude with black speckle glitter.  I fell head over heels for this one when I saw it on a swap board!  I had actually never heard of Messy Jessi and now I have a goal to own all of her speckled colors!!!  The application for this one was super perfect, three coats made me very happy.  The glitter dispersed so easily and the result is so smooth and lovely with a thin top coat!


  1. ooooh I love that!!! Very pretty! I have never heard of that brand either but now I must go google it lol I hope your fire ant catastrophe is over and everything is ok.

    1. Thank you! :)
      Well... Summer in the country brings thirsty critters. Unfortunately they found their way into my kitchen. Fire ants have a way of showing you that your idea of clean is not as clean as you thought. :/
      I think the problem is fixed- just a few bites, ruined manis, and some bleach gone. Lol

  2. At least the ants were in the kitchen and not the polish shelves!

  3. Messy Jessi Quail looks classic! Mind if I borrow??