Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm Kind of Obsessed...

I'm kind of obsessed with textured polish! I can't help myself - I love it. I have some Zoya Pixie Dust, Nails Inc. Leather Effect, Miliani Textures, Julie G Gumdrops, and finally I got my hands on some OPI Liquid Sand!

I had a hard time finding Solitaire from the Bond Girls Collection, but find her I did!!!!

This is two medium coats of OPI Solitaire with no top coat, of course. The formula was super easy to work with going on with a fairly quick dry time and the foil method took it off like magic in one swipe. I love love love this one so much!!!!

When my nails finally did start chipping I used Zoya Stevie to make a gradient but then I had a little accident before I could take pics!
Ugh! There is no fixing that break. Filed it down to wait. Oh well!

Have you tried any of the textured polishes? Which is your favorite? And do you have any of the China Glaze brand to swap? ;)


  1. I just wore my first Zoya PixieDust and OPI Liquid Sand recently. I do kind of love them more than I thought I would. I really love the PixieDust sparkle. I have been wanting Solitaire since I first saw it, so pretty.

    I don't have any of the China Glaze ones yet but I am headed to the supply store this weekend.

    1. I love the Pixie Dust best, myself! It's so delicate but the texture is very strong. Awesome presentation! Thanks for reading, as always!