Monday, July 29, 2013

Girls Love to Blow... Bubbles!

Have you seen this amazing new collection by the new Indie brand The Devil Wears Polish?!  They're wonderful and I am excited to say that I have one to show you today and two more coming up!  Tami Willis, the brilliant mind from The Devil Wears Polish, formerly known as Polished Dreams and Life Things, has started cranking out fantastically formulated lacquer with really fun names that you absolutely must have!

This polish called Girls Love to Blow... Bubbles was purchased by me.  It's a semi-sheer, baby pink creme base with hot neon pink micro glitter, small blue circles and squares, small and medium violet holo circles, and large turquoise holo circles... Then when I went outside I saw the bottle also contains very light pink matte hex glitter too!  Feelin' a little blue that I didn't get any of those in my mani, but hopefully next time. 

My only other complaint is that my bottle of amazingness didn't come with a name label! Whoops!

Here are two thin coats of Girls Love to Blow... Bubbles with G&G HK Girl too coat.  The creme base is just what I wanted it to be!  I didn't want to keep layering because I love how delicate this polish looks.  Pretty soft pink!!!  The glitter was easy peasy to get out (except for those elusive hexies) once I shook up the bottle. 

It's soooo pretty!!!! I just adore this one. I'm so glad I bought a full size!  Stay tuned for two more lovelies from Tami later this week!  She has a very cool new look.  Love the name, love the logo, and love the new collection! ;)

By the way: if you head on over to Tami's blog she is having a Multi-blogger Giveaway!  Only two days left to enter.  Tell her hi from me!


  1. It looks FAB on you! Perhaps I should start adding a bit more of the pink hexes so they aren't so elusive ;) Thanks for the awesome review Stephanie! <3

    1. So glad you like the pics! :)
      I really want to put this one back on right this second lol!

  2. Ohhh that is so pretty! I love it!

    1. Isn't it cute?! I love how Tami makes such unique colors! Thanks for reading!