Thursday, June 13, 2013

S-watch This!! Some Indie Holographics!!

Hey, lovelies!!! I have sooo much energy today! Five hours of straight sleep does a nursing mommy good - thank you to the hubby for taking the 2 am shift! ;)

E is napping so I wanted to share a couple stunning Holographics from Enkelini. If you asked me to suggest a high-quality, super holographic Indie polish I would send you straight to the Enkelini Etsy shop.

I purchased three stunning shades a while back: Pimp My Pink, Calliope, and Midnight's Rainbow. The application: completely smooth. Opaque in two or less coats. Super holographic! I used my good ol' usual top & base coats for each of these. Enjoy the eye candy!!!!!!

Pimp My Pink is what Barbie would wear if she wore holo pink polish lol. This baby is HOT pink & it is a stunner!!!!!!

I did a lot of research on red holos before this purchase, you guys. I did a ton of comparison checking and when I found this blatantly linear, shining red holo I knew I had found a winner. Some reds are much less holographic and I wanted something eye-popping. Ta da!!!

Last, but in no way least, is Midnight's Rainbow. This black holo goes on BLACK and the rainbow explodes out of it with holo-y goodness!!!!!! No shortage of amazing here! (Blurred a little to show all the colors my camera couldn't easily pick up.)

I'm still working off my phone but here is the link to the Enkelini Etsy shop & Facebook!

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