Monday, June 24, 2013

Cocktail Hour, Part II

Please note that some of these products were generously provided to me for review by Laura Garrett, owner and creator of ellagee Handcrafted Nail Polish.  The compensation in exchange for this review is shown below, and provided polishes/gifts are graciously accepted and kept, and do not affect my opinions regarding the products.  This blog review post is my honest opinion for the owner's and any consumers' benefit.  As usual, I would like to thank Laura again for the chance to show them off!

I have more awesome color-changing Cocktail Hour colors to show you today!  Here are two more from ellagee's thermal collection: Tequila Sunrise and Blue Hawaiian. This post is has a lot of pics! :)

Firstly, let me tell you about the polishes. Both colors are layered over a base because they are pretty sheer. I wouldn't recommend trying to wear them alone. For application: even over a solid base color three layers were needed to make them opaque and really show off the color change. Once I had achieved that though the gradient and changes were very prominent and very beautiful!

Tequila Sunrise: 3 coats over a base of a very pale yellow. (Orly base and G&G top coat). Here is an outdoor shot, natural temperature. It's very warm here in Houston so even the bottle changed very quickly!

Here is an indoor shot showing a cooler temperature color!

Now for the fun: this shows me dipping my nails into cold water from my fridge. Sooo fun to watch the color shift! Don't blink though, it happens fast!

Here are two cool pics of the color shifting back immediately after removing from the bowl because it's so warm outside. 

If you go to this link you can WATCH a video of Tequila Sunrise in action!:

Next up is Blue Hawaiian: 3 coats over white (Orly base & G&G top coat)! I didn't think I would be very attached to this one but it turns out that I adore it. The gradient from white to blue is so shocking and yet it looks so smooth that I just can't stop staring! I didn't want to take it off at all!
The warm color is the white, which I think makes it that much more fun when suddenly your nails are a new shade!

Do you see the dot on my ring finger? I think it may be clumped pigment or something, but it came from the bottle. I haven't had this happen with any of the other colors or with any other brush strokes. It was weird but I didn't think it warranted removing the polish and starting over since this is after 7 coats of polish including my base and top. 

Here it is changing! Soooo amazing!

And here is a shot indoors in the evening with a natural temp gradient:

If you click on this link you can WATCH Blue Hawaiian in action!:

What do you all think of this collection so far? Or about thermal polish in general? It's so much fun!!! Don't forget you can purchase thermal polish by ellagee at and enter her weekly giveaways at

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  1. Thank you miss! Wow you did get a good clump there didn't you! The blue pigment was stubborn about mixing in, I'll double up on my mixing time now! <3