Saturday, June 1, 2013

Behave Yourself!

Today I want to show you the lovely Barielle that Jill sent to me in a prize pack when I won Best Holo pic in Glisten & Glow's 3rd Anniversary Contest!

Jill sent me a great prize!  HK Girl top coat is the top coat I swear by - can't live without it!  She also sent me an Apple Jack Peel Glis-tics Cuticle Oil stick. I love love love it & use it often!

I thanked Jill for choosing such an awesome prize pack for me (and my first Barielle) and she said that she felt that Behave Yourself would be a great color on me!  I think she was right! ;)

Barielle's Behave Yourself is a beautiful, frosty pink.  The first coat made me skeptical because it was soooo streaky.  The second coat evened it out nicely & only left a few streaks that are not noticeable unless you're looking very closely (which, unfortunately, is what happens with pics!).  This is two layers of Behave Yourself topped with my HK Girl top coat!  It wore well for a couple of days and I really enjoyed how shiny & girly my nails looked in the sun.

Thank you, Jill!  I want very much to link her site to my post but I am working from my phone because my computer has reached an untimely demise.  If you look in my sidebar, however, I do have a quick link to the Glisten & Glow shop because, like I said, I ADORE G&G!!!!!!

Talk to you soon!!! :)


  1. Oh that color looks great on you!!! I need to check out that cuticle stick. My cuticles are currently revolting.

  2. Hey, Steph! When i saw this color on your nails, I thought it looked so nice with the rosey color of your skin, but this picture shows just how lovely your nails and cuticles are! The polish is perfect!