Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cocktail Hour! A Thermal Collection by ellagee, Part I

Please note that some of these products were generously provided to me for review by Laura Garrett, owner and creator of ellagee Handcrafted Nail Polish.  The compensation in exchange for this review is shown below, and provided polishes/gifts are graciously accepted and kept, and do not affect my opinions regarding the products.  This blog review post is my honest opinion for the owner's and any consumers' benefit.  As usual, I would like to thank Laura again for her awesome polishes and the chance to show them off!

Hi, everyone! I have two gorgeous colors to show you in what will be the first of a two part installment of posts. These lovely shades are from ellagee's recent collection Cocktail Hour, which includes but is not limited to thermal polish. If you're not familiar with this trend, thermal polish contains pigment which changes color depending on the temperature!

There is no shortage of beauty in the first creation I want to show you. This color was provided to me for review. Every polish maker, I think, needs their own black polish in a collection. I was a little surprised to open my package and find a black shade, but Laura does not make any plain-Jane run-of-the-mill polish! Little Black Dress is nothing short of impressive!!! This blackberry polish has a plum-silver sort of shimmer that makes it light enough to be vampy and sexy without just being plain old black polish. I was so taken by surprise when I saw the berry-black on my nails that I immediately contacted Laura to say "WOAH!" and thanks for a lovely color! I just can't get enough of it. Check out the pics which show two coats of Little Black Dress with my usual Orly base & HK Girl top coat.

I was thinking: what could I use to "accessorize" with this Little Black Dress that won't take away from it's allure.  I oped for an accent nail: OPI's Crown Me Already. What d'you think?

Next up is a beautiful thermal polish that I purchased for my own delight!  Frozen Concoction is TWO colors in one polish that gradient themselves into unique designs. Frozen Concoction is a gorgeous mix of "gold and green shimmer that is yellow-green when warm and deep lime green when cool." Sticking with the Cocktail Hour theme, this polish is "inspired by a frozen margarita with a lime on top."  I took a LOT of pics of this one changing, as well as a Vine video that you can find on my feed (@mrsgmom2c). You know I love my lime green polishes!!!! (EDIT: Will get an Instagram video up ASAP!)
In this photo you can see where my top two fingers are warm, while the bottom two have been in the cold water! My thumb is confused somewhere between the two LOL.
If you have longer nails the tips tend to be the second, cooler color. Here you can see how my nails are warm then cold as they reach off my fingertips.
I had so much fun with it because even when my fingers were cold I could change my tips by touching my nails to my cheek! Then the gradient effect was the opposite direction!
Here is one more pic to show you something else I just love about Laura's polishes: the shimmer. You just cannot miss the shimmer in every creation!

What do you guys think?!

You can get lacquer creations from ellagee's Store Envy shop at
Or check out Laura's Facebook at and look for the GIVEAWAY tab because Laura does weekly giveaways for her adoring fans! :)


  1. Little Black Dress rocks my socks! Gorgeous swatches as usual!

    1. It is really cute & unique! :)
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Thanks so much again Stephanie! Your photos are always so gorgeous and I'm so happy you love the polishes! <3

  3. The mind sure went to frozen beverages when I saw Frozen Concoction! What fun!!

  4. I'd like to get a bottle of Little Black Dress for my very own, if you please! Just wow!

    1. Well you sure do have a birthday coming up! ;)