Sunday, April 27, 2014

Holographic Top Coat Comparison!

Oh yay!  Today I want to share my very first comparison post with you!!!

I really want a lime green holographic polish but I haven't gotten one yet, so I decided to try out my holo top coats in my first comparison post.  The common color here is China Glaze's I'm with the Lifeguard.  All of the colors I'm showing you today were purchased by me, excluding the Model City color, which I won in a giveaway.

On my right hand I am wearing Mentality Holo over the CG lime green!  I wasn't in love with this top coat when I first used it because the holo isn't as strong as I would like it to be.  This is one coat and as you can see it is a little bit streaky but not so much so that it's horribly obvious.  The trouble with Holo is that if you add more than one coat it gets very silvery and takes away from the color underneath.  Overall it's really not too bad, although not my favorite.

On my left had I am wearing Model City Seize the Rainbow over the CG green!  This is also one coat and it was not streaky at all.  In fact, the formula for this was quite fantastic and it's super holographic in person.  I thought it was very interesting that I was in love with the Model City top coat in person but in my pics the holo isn't super strong, while in person the Mentality top coat was just the opposite to me and here it shows up quite beautifully in the pic!
Overall, I was pretty content with the way both hands turned out!  I am definitely going to need to get a true holographic lime green in my collection, but in the meantime this was a fun experiment!  In person the two top coats were pretty similar and I don't think anyone noticed at all that I was wearing two different manis for a few days.  Thanks for checking out my first comparison post!  What is your opinion of these two holographic top coats?

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  1. im so glad you reviewed these! ive been debating on getting the model city holo top, but now i think i will!!