Friday, July 11, 2014

Nail Stencils from Neverland Lacquers


Hi, everyone!  Today I have some very cool nail stencil samples to show you by Neverland Lacquers.  You may know Neverland Lacquers as Pop Culture Cosmetics, but Denise is working on re-branding right now.  The Neverland Lacquers logo is just precious!

Denise sent me soooo many stencils to try out - I have not even had a chance to try them all yet!  These stencils are very well done, easy to use, and are a great tool for any level of nail art lover.

First up I used the Brackets stencils to create a cute, popping nail art design with NerdLacquer's The Selfish Green and Orly's Dazzle.  The Bracket design could be used so many different ways!  I wanted to show how easy it is to make something different and cute, so I carefully placed the stencils to create tips and a different play on the half-moon design on my accent nail.

Up next I wanted to do something a little more complicated and so I tried out the Lightning stencils.  These were a little more tricky but only because of the pointed edges that you have to peel just so or you will pull your polish a bit.  I absolutely adore the way this mani turned out and I got sooo many compliments!

And next up I wanted to try something that I haven't done before at all!  For this mani I used the Nested Diamonds stencils to create something sort of abstract!  This mani took a little more patience because I placed each diamond individually and then used tweezers to remove them so as not to ruin the design.  I loved the result and how well the stencils did!  The unfortunate smears of red that you can see were from my top coat dragging the red and had nothing to do with the stencils at all.

Last but not least I used the Waves stencils to create a summery neon version of a French tip mani.  This one was super easy to do and also got a ton of compliments.


So what do you think?  There are several more fantastic stencil designs available.  You can find all of these and also some really beautiful shades of polish on the Neverland Lacquers site.  There is a very user-friendly list on the left side of the site that will direct you to the stencils!  Thanks for letting me try out these beauties, Denise!  I cannot wait to try out the rest and also some of the polish!

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