Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Reviewing The Vampire Diaries Collection by Paint Shop Polish

Hello, everyone!  Today I have a review of a couple of really cute glitter polishes from Paint Shop Polish to show you.  Candi Clemens is the talented creator of these lovely beauties and the owner of Paint Shop Polish.  Candi provided these glitter top coats to me for reviewing and your viewing pleasure!  It is a specialty of her store to create custom polishes - and she makes wonderful customs!  I will have to show you the one she made for me on another day!

These three glitter polishes are from Paint Shop Polish's Vampire Diaries collection. 

Up first is my favorite of the three: The Doppelgänger.  This polish was inspired by the Petrova Doppelgangers, Elena and Katherine, in The Vampire Diaries.  Purples, blacks, and whites in various sizes and shapes are what make this glitter polish an instant favorite for me.  The consistency of the formula and the amount of glitter are just perfect.  I paired The Doppelgänger over Ellagee's Frozen Concoction (a thermal) for a neat ombré and glitter effect in my favorite colors!  This is one coat of The Doppelgänger and HK Girl topcoat on top.

Up next is a fun polish called Hybrid!  This polish is inspired by Klaus and the hybrids from The Vampire Diaries.  I had a blast with Hybrid because it's full of tiny red skull and crossbones, and gold and black circles, and gold moon glitters that I didn't have to fish and fish for.  Gotta love it when you don't have to spend twenty minutes digging for glitter!  I thought I would be head over heels for the little skulls and was surprised to discover that I love the black circle glitter even more!  I paired this one over China Glaze's Gothic Lolita.  This is one coat with a little extra dabbing to place the bigger glitters.
Last but not least is Katherine, full of red, gold, and purple glitter with red skull and crossbones.  This polish was inspired by Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries.  The skulls were much more challenging to grab from this one but the color combo is very pretty!  I love that I didn't have a glitter bomb but still had plenty of sparkle on my nails.  This is one coat of Katherine over LVX Cerulean.
You can find these available now along with some other beautiful, unique colors from Paint Shop Polish on Candi's etsy shop HERE!  Also, don't forget to check her out on Paint Shop Polish Facebook.  Keep an eye out for more Paint Shop Polish on my blog in the very near future!!!

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