Monday, February 10, 2014

Polish Addict Nail Color Review, Part I

Provided for Review

Good evening!

Tonight I want to show you two of four amazing colors sent to me for review by the creative Laura Sanchez!  Laura is the brilliant mind behind the Polish Addict Nail Color line, along with PANC co-owner, Crystal Fernandez.

I have chatted often with Laura lately and she is the sweetest lady!  I have always admired her unique glitter polishes and I was thrilled when she contacted me to do a review.

First up is a really sweet color that my daughter was head over heels for.  Pretty Zombie is a pink crelly packed full of different sizes and shapes and types of glitter!  This polish was inspired by Rob Zombie and his wife, and has something interesting on every brush swipe.  I found stars, hearts, hexies, neons, mattes, metallics... and the best part of all is that it glows in the dark!  I found that the pink base was a bit sheer for me but with three coats it became opaque.  I want to try this one over pink undies and see if I can make the glitter a touch less overwhelming on my tiny nails.  I put this on over my Orly base and used two coats of HK Girl top coat over it.  The top coat did not take away from the glow in the dark effect at all!

Up next is another super fun glitter polish that I'm sure you have heard of!  If you read Nail It! magazine then you have probably seen the Indie Spotlight interview in which Laura says one of her favorites from her polish line is Blurred Lines Glow in the Dark polish!  When I put on Blurred Lines I really was super excited to have such a gorgeous piece in my collection and it became one of my all-time favorites, too.  We all know I love my glitter-filled white crème bases--especially when they are unique to my stash!  Blurred Lines is a white crelly with holo dust that glows in the dark with a mix of black, blue, pink, and white glitters.  Oh my gosh it is pretty!  I love that I found so many different glitters in the formula without it being as many different types as Pretty Zombie.  This is three coats of Blurred Lines in all its magnificence!  This is also over my Orly base with two coats of HK Girl on top.  I want to go put it right back on my nails now...........
For all your glow in the dark polish cravings here is a LINK specifically to the Glow in the Dark section of the Polish Addict Nail Color shop!  This LINK is to the Big Cartel shop home page.
You have got to see these beauties!!!  I need to go get my hands on Unicorn Galaxy GITD right this second, you guys.  So pretty!
Laura and Crystal also have a fantastic selection of other types of polish including holographic, thermal, and even an extremely popular Mystery Box subscription!  Be sure you go check out the PANC Facebook, too.  If you want to see that interview in Nail It! magazine you can find the link HERE.
Here is a little tidbit from the PANC site regarding the GITD polishes in case you are wondering about the glow: "A Photo-luminescent Powder that when charges with natural or artificial light will absorb photons, then re-radiates them and gives a glow. Sunlight and UV black light provide the best effect for a charge."
Thanks for dropping by - and come back to see some amazing holographics from PANC that will knock your socks off!!!

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  1. I tried reading your post because I have Blurred Lines but unfortunately, the color combinations on this page make it really hard to read the print.