Sunday, February 2, 2014

My First Scofflaw Nail Varnishes!

Hi, everyone!  So tonight I want to show you my first two Scofflaw Nail Varnishes!  I can't believe I waited so long to buy from this Indie brand.  These two colors are unique and stunning, each one was opaque in two coats, and the formula is impeccable.  These two polishes were purchased by me.
Before we get started I must ask you to excuse my incredibly random watermark on these pictures.  Unfortunately my program is not working properly and while the watermark was in the right place on the program, apparently it did not translate correctly when I saved the pic.... however the heck that works.... :(
Moving on!!!!
First up from Scofflaw is "Drop Dead Fred" and it is officially one of my new favorite polishes!  I just couldn't stop staring at it while I wore it.  Couldn't.  Stop.  And who would want to!?  "It's a vivid lime green with butterscotch shimmer highlights. It boasts glitters in metallic butterscotch and various sizes of holographic blue," says the Scofflaw site.  What a freakin' masterpiece.  I am obsessed with the shimmer, the colors, the formula..........  Just dreamy, you guys.  You have to get this one!!!  (As you can probably see, this is the last swatch set I watermarked with that program....)

Next is "Your Cat Ain't Cute," a vibrant coral creme polish full of delicate gold, matte neon coral, and various sizes of metallic brown glitters.  My camera barely does this polish justice!  I don't think that the coral color suits my skin as well as I'd like, but nonetheless I am obsessed with this beautiful glitter polish.  I think that this second photo is very true to the actual color of the polish you're getting.  Also - check out the new watermark!  Ooooh ahhhh!

You can find these and other amazing colors online at the Scofflaw Nail Varnish shop!  There will be a restock on February 8th!  You can subscribe for email alerts and follow along on Facebook, too.

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