Sunday, February 16, 2014

Polish Addict Nail Color, Part II

Provided for Review

Hi, everyone! 

Before we get started I have a quick request.  I received a comment on my last post that my page is hard to read, but she did not give me any specifics as to what the problem is.  When I am on my PC and my iPhone the layout and colors seem fine to me.  I would love to correct this issue if necessary but I need you all to tell me where the problem is. Thanks sooooo much! :)

Thanks for your patience while waiting for this post.  This one is pic heavy :D

Today I am going to show you two more amazing polishes from PANC - but unlike the first two these are HOLOGRAPHIC!  Woo!  Who doesn't love holographic polish?!

First up is Unicorn 2.2, a gorgeous silvery-lavender beauty.  This shimmering, glitter-filled holo polish catches the sun in so many various ways and is still just stunning in regular lighting.  The combination of sparkle in this baby impresses me; I just adore unique polish.  It's sure to please everyone with its lavender base, lavender flakies, and iridescent glitter.  I wore it alone in three coats and was very impressed with the formula.


Up next is a lovely shade called Alter Ego.  Alter Ego is not only beautiful and holographic but it is also a thermal polish!  The PANC store site says this is a "holo thermal that is a light amber when warm and turns darker when cold.  (An Ultra Thermal-Dust which changes from one color to another instead of transparent at temperatures of 86F and warmer. [...])"  I absolutely loved this color when I put it on and wore it for a week.  The neutral amber-brown was just perfect for the cool weather we are having!  I wore two coats of Alter Ego for perfectly full coverage.

Here is the LINK to the holographic polish section of PANC, and here is the LINK to get to the main shop page.  Don't you just LOVE these holographics?!  They are very strongly holo in all light sources and the formula is just perfect.

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