Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Love Emily de Molly!

And who doesn't?!  If you don't know Emily de Molly Nail Colour you're missing out, my friends.  This gorgeous Australian brand expands all the time but is never out of fresh ideas.  I fell in love long ago with Cosmic Forces, Black Forest, and Zombie Spotting (which, unfortunately was LE and gone by the time I discovered it!).  I finally got my hands on an EdM polish called Ursula from a blog sale and I knew I had to find a way to get more EdMs off my wish list and onto my shelf!

The lovely creation I want to share with you today was on its way to being discontinued when I finally caved and spent $13 plus shipping for it on www.shop.llarowe.com.  If you're iffy about spending $13 on a bottle of nail polish, let me assure you that this is the brand you should splurge on!  Have you heard "you get what you pay for?"  Yep!

This is Regal Beginnings.  If you know how much I adore purple you know I had to have this one!

This is two thin coats of Regal Beginnings.  I kid you not, this polish was literally the smoothest application of a creamy, glitter-filled polish I have ever used!!!  It was practically opaque with the first coat but I wanted to add depth with a second.  This beauty manages to layer the glitter and base color so well that it shows the blue, gold, and black glitter while still stacking creamy layers.

Obviously this became one of my favorite colors ever.  Ever.  Ever. ;)  I only took it off because my bestie got married this weekend and I painted my nails red to match!

Like I said, this is an Aussie based polish brand, but you can find it in online shops.

Ack!!!  These photos make me want to put this color back on sooooooo badly!!!!!! ;)

Do you have any Emily de Molly Nail Colour?

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