Sunday, July 13, 2014

Purple Lover's Dream!

I just love this mani so much, you guys!

This is one coat of KBShimmer's Happily Ever Aster over Sinful Colors Candy Coated.  You all know how much I adore KBShimmer polishes!  Isn't this beautiful?  I adore how much depth this glitter topper has - all of these glitters are laying flat on my nails!  Happily Ever Aster is a glitter topper from the Summer 2014 Collection.  "Periwinkle, light aqua blue, purple, lavender and white glitters swim in a clear base surrounded by tiny bits of holographic glitters for a sparkling top coat."

You can find Happily Ever Aster HERE on the KBShimmer site.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pink Stars are Falling in Lines!


Today I want to show you the cute nail art that was inspired by the series Under the Dome!  I recently received these adorable little pink star studs from The Born Pretty Store.  If you're not familiar with The Born Pretty Store you are missing out, my friend!  There is such an amazing amount of fun thing on this page I cannot even begin listing them all.  I have gotten several decals and other things from them.

These precious little neon pink stars came in a bag with 200 pieces!  You can find them in various colors right HERE.  The Born Pretty Store has even been so kind as to create a 10% off coupon code for my blog readers!!!  Just use code GAG10 at checkout!  COUPON CODE!

I created this design with Essie's I'm Addicted as the base and used a neon pink Kiss nail art pen to create the falling star lines.  I then used a thin layer of topcoat as adhesive and placed the stars where I wanted them to go.  Finish it off with top coat to keep the stars in place and voila!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Nail Stencils from Neverland Lacquers


Hi, everyone!  Today I have some very cool nail stencil samples to show you by Neverland Lacquers.  You may know Neverland Lacquers as Pop Culture Cosmetics, but Denise is working on re-branding right now.  The Neverland Lacquers logo is just precious!

Denise sent me soooo many stencils to try out - I have not even had a chance to try them all yet!  These stencils are very well done, easy to use, and are a great tool for any level of nail art lover.

First up I used the Brackets stencils to create a cute, popping nail art design with NerdLacquer's The Selfish Green and Orly's Dazzle.  The Bracket design could be used so many different ways!  I wanted to show how easy it is to make something different and cute, so I carefully placed the stencils to create tips and a different play on the half-moon design on my accent nail.

Up next I wanted to do something a little more complicated and so I tried out the Lightning stencils.  These were a little more tricky but only because of the pointed edges that you have to peel just so or you will pull your polish a bit.  I absolutely adore the way this mani turned out and I got sooo many compliments!

And next up I wanted to try something that I haven't done before at all!  For this mani I used the Nested Diamonds stencils to create something sort of abstract!  This mani took a little more patience because I placed each diamond individually and then used tweezers to remove them so as not to ruin the design.  I loved the result and how well the stencils did!  The unfortunate smears of red that you can see were from my top coat dragging the red and had nothing to do with the stencils at all.

Last but not least I used the Waves stencils to create a summery neon version of a French tip mani.  This one was super easy to do and also got a ton of compliments.


So what do you think?  There are several more fantastic stencil designs available.  You can find all of these and also some really beautiful shades of polish on the Neverland Lacquers site.  There is a very user-friendly list on the left side of the site that will direct you to the stencils!  Thanks for letting me try out these beauties, Denise!  I cannot wait to try out the rest and also some of the polish!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Holographic Top Coat Comparison!

Oh yay!  Today I want to share my very first comparison post with you!!!

I really want a lime green holographic polish but I haven't gotten one yet, so I decided to try out my holo top coats in my first comparison post.  The common color here is China Glaze's I'm with the Lifeguard.  All of the colors I'm showing you today were purchased by me, excluding the Model City color, which I won in a giveaway.

On my right hand I am wearing Mentality Holo over the CG lime green!  I wasn't in love with this top coat when I first used it because the holo isn't as strong as I would like it to be.  This is one coat and as you can see it is a little bit streaky but not so much so that it's horribly obvious.  The trouble with Holo is that if you add more than one coat it gets very silvery and takes away from the color underneath.  Overall it's really not too bad, although not my favorite.

On my left had I am wearing Model City Seize the Rainbow over the CG green!  This is also one coat and it was not streaky at all.  In fact, the formula for this was quite fantastic and it's super holographic in person.  I thought it was very interesting that I was in love with the Model City top coat in person but in my pics the holo isn't super strong, while in person the Mentality top coat was just the opposite to me and here it shows up quite beautifully in the pic!
Overall, I was pretty content with the way both hands turned out!  I am definitely going to need to get a true holographic lime green in my collection, but in the meantime this was a fun experiment!  In person the two top coats were pretty similar and I don't think anyone noticed at all that I was wearing two different manis for a few days.  Thanks for checking out my first comparison post!  What is your opinion of these two holographic top coats?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Reviewing The Vampire Diaries Collection by Paint Shop Polish

Hello, everyone!  Today I have a review of a couple of really cute glitter polishes from Paint Shop Polish to show you.  Candi Clemens is the talented creator of these lovely beauties and the owner of Paint Shop Polish.  Candi provided these glitter top coats to me for reviewing and your viewing pleasure!  It is a specialty of her store to create custom polishes - and she makes wonderful customs!  I will have to show you the one she made for me on another day!

These three glitter polishes are from Paint Shop Polish's Vampire Diaries collection. 

Up first is my favorite of the three: The Doppelgänger.  This polish was inspired by the Petrova Doppelgangers, Elena and Katherine, in The Vampire Diaries.  Purples, blacks, and whites in various sizes and shapes are what make this glitter polish an instant favorite for me.  The consistency of the formula and the amount of glitter are just perfect.  I paired The Doppelgänger over Ellagee's Frozen Concoction (a thermal) for a neat ombré and glitter effect in my favorite colors!  This is one coat of The Doppelgänger and HK Girl topcoat on top.

Up next is a fun polish called Hybrid!  This polish is inspired by Klaus and the hybrids from The Vampire Diaries.  I had a blast with Hybrid because it's full of tiny red skull and crossbones, and gold and black circles, and gold moon glitters that I didn't have to fish and fish for.  Gotta love it when you don't have to spend twenty minutes digging for glitter!  I thought I would be head over heels for the little skulls and was surprised to discover that I love the black circle glitter even more!  I paired this one over China Glaze's Gothic Lolita.  This is one coat with a little extra dabbing to place the bigger glitters.
Last but not least is Katherine, full of red, gold, and purple glitter with red skull and crossbones.  This polish was inspired by Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries.  The skulls were much more challenging to grab from this one but the color combo is very pretty!  I love that I didn't have a glitter bomb but still had plenty of sparkle on my nails.  This is one coat of Katherine over LVX Cerulean.
You can find these available now along with some other beautiful, unique colors from Paint Shop Polish on Candi's etsy shop HERE!  Also, don't forget to check her out on Paint Shop Polish Facebook.  Keep an eye out for more Paint Shop Polish on my blog in the very near future!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Belated Valentine!

Hey, everyone!  So I know it's a few days late but I really loved my Valentine's Day mani and I wanted to share it!

I recently obtained my first Cadillacquer polish from a blog sale and I knew it was the perfect color for Valentine's Day.  Cadillacquer's We'll Meet Again has flawless coverage in two coats and is pumped up with red glitters and lots of holographic microglitter.  I haven't ever been much of a fan of red and pink together, but this.... perfection!

As you can see, I also created an adorable accent nail on each hand with Sinful Colors Snow Me White and some pink rose water decals from the Born Pretty Store.  I freakin' LOVE water decals.  I think the pink roses just pop right off my nail surrounded by that Cadillacquer pink!

This is, as I said, two coats of We'll Meet Again over my usual Orly base with one coat of HK Girl on top.  What do you think?  Isn't it sweet!?  Perfect for Valentine's Day!

If you need some Cadillacquer of your own provides this brand in the US at this LINK.  Here is the link to the main Cadillacquer Shop.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Polish Addict Nail Color, Part II

Provided for Review

Hi, everyone! 

Before we get started I have a quick request.  I received a comment on my last post that my page is hard to read, but she did not give me any specifics as to what the problem is.  When I am on my PC and my iPhone the layout and colors seem fine to me.  I would love to correct this issue if necessary but I need you all to tell me where the problem is. Thanks sooooo much! :)

Thanks for your patience while waiting for this post.  This one is pic heavy :D

Today I am going to show you two more amazing polishes from PANC - but unlike the first two these are HOLOGRAPHIC!  Woo!  Who doesn't love holographic polish?!

First up is Unicorn 2.2, a gorgeous silvery-lavender beauty.  This shimmering, glitter-filled holo polish catches the sun in so many various ways and is still just stunning in regular lighting.  The combination of sparkle in this baby impresses me; I just adore unique polish.  It's sure to please everyone with its lavender base, lavender flakies, and iridescent glitter.  I wore it alone in three coats and was very impressed with the formula.


Up next is a lovely shade called Alter Ego.  Alter Ego is not only beautiful and holographic but it is also a thermal polish!  The PANC store site says this is a "holo thermal that is a light amber when warm and turns darker when cold.  (An Ultra Thermal-Dust which changes from one color to another instead of transparent at temperatures of 86F and warmer. [...])"  I absolutely loved this color when I put it on and wore it for a week.  The neutral amber-brown was just perfect for the cool weather we are having!  I wore two coats of Alter Ego for perfectly full coverage.

Here is the LINK to the holographic polish section of PANC, and here is the LINK to get to the main shop page.  Don't you just LOVE these holographics?!  They are very strongly holo in all light sources and the formula is just perfect.